Key Features

Our electric delivery bicycle is the most effective delivery method for short distances. In the big cities, the delivery by e-bike is faster due to its flexible maneuverability.

JotoBike Electric Cargo Bike


100 miles/160 km On a single charge is about 5 hours of ride

JotoBike Electric Cargo Bike

Load capacity

330lb/150 kg

JotoBike Electric Cargo Bike


20mph/35 kph

JotoBike Electric Cargo Bike

2 hours full charge

(70% - 30 minutes)

JotoBike Electric Cargo Bike

Stainless steel frame

This frame will serve you 15+ years. No rust, no easy made dents, no worries about repairs.

JotoBike Electric Cargo Bike

Pedal assist system

it will activate more power from the motor and increase speed

JotoBike Electric Cargo Bike

Weather conditions

You can use our e-bike even in severe weather conditions – rain, fog, snow. Working temperature range of the bike is from -20ºC to +50ºC

JotoBike Electric Cargo Bike

Onboard Computer

Control at your fingertips. See speed, distance, charge & more

JotoBike Electric Cargo Bike

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JotoBike Electric Cargo Bike

Faster delivery

Faster delivery than a scooter, moped or car, in the city

No fuel costs

daily petrol costs for a car

boxes and bags for delivery

Jotobike can be supplied with a wide range of different delivery boxes and bags, including insulated boxes and Cooktek ® bags, for both the front and the back of the Ebike.


Ebike can be customized with your company name and logo on the bike itself or the delivery boxes or bags.

Designed for you

We can change the colour of the bike to match your corporate image.

Development of a bicycle for your needs

We can individually change the characteristics of the bike for your requests


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best delivery bike

€ 1200


best delivery bike


€ 1400€ 1200 EARLY BIRD OFFER

High performance motor (250W or 500W) Hydraulic disc breaks (180 mm disc) Long range Lithium Ion Battery (36V/10AH or 36V/20AH), Stainless steel frame




Practical design

Jotobike has a minimalist, yet very practical design. The frame has a special design so that you could easily get on and off the bike even with full load. Front and back carriers allow you to get maximum number of bags and distribute frame load. Carriers do not have sideboards so you are not limited in bags size.


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High performance motor

Hydraulic disc breaks

Long range Lithium Ion Battery

Energy recovery system

Steel frame

Reinforced wheel rims

2 durable suspensions

Heavy-duty tires

On a single charge

Load capacity

On a single charge